Reliable and Renewable

Ensure hot water for all seasons with a broad range of solar water heaters. These wide array of water heaters help cut down your electricty bills and are suitable for a broad range of applications - from homes, hotels to commercial applications

unique hot water solution.


Best-in-class hard water tolerance. Non-corrosive 5mm polymer tank. Industry best hard water tolerance. Saving of up to Rs. 18000 per year.


Balance between hard water tolerance and support pressurized application. Non-stick 2mm inner tank with ceramic lining. Withstand hard water up to 600 PPM. Saving of up to Rs. 27000 per year.


Designed for modern high-end presurized system. Pressurized System with epoxy coated steel tank. Withstand hard water up to 600 PPM. Saving of up to Rs. 36000 per year


Reliable outdoor solar street lighting. Independent dust till dawn operation. Saving of up to Rs 10,000 per year. High performance CFL/LED luminaire.

unique Lighting solution.


Tough long lasting and cost-effective solar home lighting solution. Flexible mounting position. Saving of Up to Rs. 20,530 per year on kerosene. Maximum continuous backup up to 14 hours.


Balance between hard water tolerance and support pressurized application. Non-stick 2mm inner tank with ceramic lining. Withstand hard water up to 600 PPM. Saving of up to Rs. 27000 per year.


Portable and quick charging solar lighting for everyday use. 360 degree of bright lighting. Saving of up to 4110 per year on kerosene. Elegant and Light weight ABS body.


Water pumping solution system that offers a cost effective alternate to conventional water pumping systems. It comes in various configurations (AC/DC) with submersible & above the surface options. Whether you are in a remote location where the cost of running traditional water piping is prohibitive or you have no or limited access to grid, Tata Solar Saawan is the right product for you.

unique pump solution.


Stand alone solar water pumping system. Smart controller for dawn to dusk operation. Consistant water output year on year. IP54 water ingress protection for electronics.

Power Pack

Generate your own power with the range of compact and efficient solar power packs or inverters - a low maintenance, silent and pollution-free alternative to diesel generators. And what's more, the fuel is free!

unique power pack solution.


Solarize your inverter. Power your home for up to 3 hours. Couples with any kind of battery and inverter.


300~1000VA - Your personal roof top solar power generators. Power your home for up to 8 hours. Saving of up to Rs. 27,000 per year.

Solar Roof Top Solution

Every organization requires uninterrupted power - the difference lies in how they meet their requirements. Cost is not the only concern; a dependable source of energy is more important. If you have a rooftop or land to spare, you can opt for your own solar power plant. Tata Power Solar (TPS) has designed and deployed solar PV installations for businesses like Infosys, IBM and Dell, giving these organizations not only reliable backup power, but also a green and economical source.


The sun produces its own energy by the process of nuclear fusion. But all hazards connected with nuclear energy are taken care of by the sun and 'clean energy', free from all conceivable hazards and risks. It is showered on us free of cost. Since the energy input is free, the cost of solar PV is basically the capital appropriation cost. In India, Forty percent of population do not get electrical supply at all, promoting local PV solar megawatt power generation is an ideal solution due to its common blackouts and voltage swings. This is a meaningful and technically sound alternative to a large-sized solar PV Megawatt power plant. It is the most effective and profitable way to redress power problems like blackouts and voltage fluctuations at the consumer end. Distributed solar power would actually create new opportunities for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) investment in solar power generation. Besides generating solar power, this also generates local employment. SMEs then ensure that the plants are maintained with great care. The most important benefit is that of productivity gain wherein the community gets clean stable power during working hours for at least 300 days each year. Imagine what would happen to the quality of life of these 400 million people if we extend off-grid solar electricity in their towns and villages. The resultant productivity gain would change the face of Indian economy. The same holds true for every other region in the world. Many of us believe that solar energy will ultimately prevail as the world's prime source of energy.