Protects and Optimizes critical infrastructure

Sustain critical operations that simply can't go down. We delivers a full range of Liebert uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and power distribution units (PDU), from individual data center solutions to integrated systems that keep network closets, computer rooms and data center infrastructure up and running.

unique AC power solution.


Off-line and line-interactive uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and power strips ideal for PCs and sensitive electronic equipment.


Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems with the reliability, features, and flexibility required by networks and electronics in rack environments, large data center design and for facility-wide protection for sensitive electronics.


Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and backup power systems for large data center and industrial facility to protect sensitive electronics and process.


Supporting voice and communications networks with dependable DC power. Emerson Network Power has built on trusted names Lorain, Actura and PS to create the NetSureTM DC Power technology platform that delivers the most rigorous network-power applications, with an unparalleled breadth of intelligently engineered DC power, distribution, control and monitoring systems.

unique DC power solution.


Integrates 48 VDC power conversion, battery backup and branch distribution into a compact, highly reliable power protection system for data center applications


DC power systems designed to withstand the most rigorous network power applications - available in Mini, Small, Medium and Large power configurations.


Reliable and efficient power systems for 400V DC critical power applications.


Systems that convert DC voltages to the class needed to power various telecom equipment.


When it comes to choosing a power inverter, pure sine wave inverter would make an excellent choice for domestic and commerical power needs. A pure sine wave inverter is a device that produces a smooth and consistent flow of electricity in the required voltage.

unique pump solution.


Domestic inverters are devices that convert the direct current (DC) of powerful on-board inverter batteries to alternating current (AC) for running fans, lights and other electrical appliances and also charge the battery when there is power availability simultaneously. Inverters have changed the way Power Back up equipment were looked at in India. Always focused on customer-centric innovation, domestic inverter products have succeeded in becoming benchmarks for the entire industry while offering excellent value to the customers.


A reliable, regulated and stabilized Pure Sine Wave Output is a complete power generation system that is suitable for all types of commercial establishments and is capable of running everything from Lights to Air Conditioners and Lifts to Elevators, in a most cost effective manner, 100% safe to run the most sophisticated, expensive and sensitive office equipment, silently. It has already established itself as a most reliable option to generators at banks/ATM's, hospitals, petrol pumps and shopping malls to name a few.


Whether a data center houses 3 racks or has more than 100 IT racks, deployment of new technologies with high power densities is impacting the power and cooling systems that business-critical servers and communications devices depend on for their performance and reliability. Thanks to critical infrastructure systems, businesses can respond to changes in density, capacity and availability while achieving greater operating flexibility, higher system availability and lower total costs.

unique data center solution.


All data centers, regardless of their size, have specific objectives. Until now, balancing data center objectives for efficiency, capacity, space utilization and availability has been difficult without making sacrifices. That's why Emerson Network Power developed the SmartSolutions family of infrastructure offerings. Each SmartSolutions offering addresses specific needs with rapidly deployable solutions that cost-effectively increase efficiency, add data center capacity, and improve IT control. These solutions contain the industry's leading power, precision cooling and management systems to achieve efficiency without compromise in IT environments of all sizes.


A complete line of high capacity precision air conditioning systems, from 1 to 60 tons, protects areas housing critical equipment with precise, reliable control of temperature, humidity and airflow. Floor mounted, Wall/Ceiling mounted, Rack mounted, Extreme density systems, chillers, Heat rejection & air conditioners for Telecom shelters are available.


A Web- Based Site monitoring, Alarm Management and Trending/Analysis for critical sites; Shows exactly where is the problem; Monitors virtually any piece of critical equipment located in next room/in a facility on other side of the country; Oversees multiple facilities located thousand miles apart; Ability to interface with Building Management System/other facility supervisory equipment; Can be tailored to the specific requirements of critical support infrastructure; Applications: Computer rooms, Telecommunication centers, Industrial process control facilities, locations housing sensitive electronic equipment.


UPS rental business is fast becoming a standard practice for short-term, as well as long term requirements. Renting a UPS, has become as easy as renting a car, but with complete technical support services. Our Rental Services offer an immediate availability of all ranges of UPS system from 1KVA to 100KVA, and for the exact duration that your requirement demands. It is the most effective solution for your UPS requirements for projects, seminars, training workshops, exhibitions and increased seasonal workloads - the reasons are endless.

unique rental solution pointers.


Why tie up valuable working capital when you can improve the liquidity of your company and invest in resources more important to your business development.


UPS technologies are dynamic, changing more rapidly than ever before. It can render your equipment obsolete very quickly. Rental removes long term restrictions of upgrading your UPS, arising due to capital purchase, and more importantly adds to bottom line of your company's profitability.


Changing rates of interest can directly impact your capital investments. Rental payments are not affected by changes in interest rates, enabling you to plan with accuracy.


Rental payments can be deducted from taxable profits, reducing the net cost. Depreciation: Eliminate rapidly reducing value of your UPS & Battery assets.


Plan your fund flow and manage cash, when you purchase the rental UPS or a new UPS.


All our rental installations receive free technical support including spares & labour.


The sun produces its own energy by the process of nuclear fusion. But all hazards connected with nuclear energy are taken care of by the sun and �clean energy�, free from all conceivable hazards and risks. It is showered on us free of cost. Since the energy input is free, the cost of solar PV is basically the capital appropriation cost. In India, Forty percent of population do not get electrical supply at all, promoting local PV solar megawatt power generation is an ideal solution due to its common blackouts and voltage swings. This is a meaningful and technically sound alternative to a large-sized solar PV Megawatt power plant. It is the most effective and profitable way to redress power problems like blackouts and voltage fluctuations at the consumer end. Distributed solar power would actually create new opportunities for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) investment in solar power generation. Besides generating solar power, this also generates local employment. SMEs then ensure that the plants are maintained with great care. The most important benefit is that of productivity gain wherein the community gets clean stable power during working hours for at least 300 days each year. Imagine what would happen to the quality of life of these 400 million people if we extend off-grid solar electricity in their towns and villages. The resultant productivity gain would change the face of Indian economy. The same holds true for every other region in the world. Many of us believe that solar energy will ultimately prevail as the world�s prime source of energy.